Andover MN Chiropractor Asks Are You Really Sick??

Andover MN Chiropractor Asks
Are You Really Sick??

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The other day I had an interesting conversation with one of our practice members. She was mad that she was sick. She asked me how she could possibly get sick considering she follows all my recommendations for staying healthy in Andover MN! Then I asked her, "How do you know you're sick?" She replied, "I'm stuffed up. I'm tired. And I have a fever."

We've all been taught that these symptoms mean that we're sick. But let's look closely at what might be happening…


What if there was a harmful virus or bacteria trying to get deep inside your body? Did you know that mucous is the first line of defense to "catch" these invaders and prevent them from getting any further into your body?


Perhaps the body became aware of an invader (the virus or bacteria) and shifted its energy into making more immune cells and antibodies. And after this little battle is over, you'll have immunity to this virus or bacteria for the rest of your life.


Let me use an analogy for this one. Have you ever eaten meat? Did you cook it first? Why?…to kill any harmful bacteria on it? What do you think the body is doing by raising its temperature? It's actually trying to protect you!

Therefore, being stuffed-up, tired, and having a fever actually means that your body is working properly. It's protecting you! So let me ask you this: if all this is happening in your body, are you really sick?

BONUS QUESTION: If you took medicine to cover up the symptoms, does that make you healthy??


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