Andover MN Chiropractor Says Maintenance Required

Andover MN Chiropractor Says
Maintenance Required

Chiropractic Andover MN Back Exam

Last year my wife bought a 2008 Toyota Camry. A few months ago one of the indicator lights flickered on. It said "Maintenance Required". I had never seen this light before. Was it the new "Check Engine" light? If it was, I was about to get really angry…we just bought this thing! I pulled out the Owner's Manual and flipped to the section on indicator lights. Apparently "Maintenance Required" is just a nice reminder that the car is due for an oil change.

I thought this was a fantastic idea by Toyota. We all know that if we want our cars to continue to function at their best, we have to do some regular maintenance care. If we neglect the maintenance care, our car will eventually break down.

Keep reading for some key insights from our Andover MN chiropractor.


Now, how cool would it be if our bodies came with a Maintenance Required indicator light in Andover MN? It would be SO nice if our spine and nervous system had an indicator light that flickered on every time we got SUBLUXATED! It would make my job as a chiropractor WAY easier. I'd just walk around looking for the blinking lights!

Most people assume that PAIN is the body's Maintenance Required light. It's not. Why? Over 90% of our nervous system controls HEALING & FUNCTION for our entire body: our organs, our muscles, and our growth and development. The bottom line is this: Subluxations don't always cause pain, but they will cause problems somewhere in the body.

Chiropractic in Andover MN is Important for Regular Maintenance

Chiropractic is your spine's Maintenance Required indicator system! Doesn't it make good sense to have your spine checked regularly for subluxation? Or would you rather wait until your body starts to fail to have it checked? Also, consider the people around you that may be subluxated…spouses, children, family, friends, etc. Shouldn't they be checked, too?

The difference between your body and your car is simple… you can buy another car. You only get ONE body.


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