Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Andover MN Becki C Testimonial

Name: Beki C.
Age: 38
City: Coon Rapids, MN

"Having already experienced many benefits of chiropractic for the past 13+ years, I knew it was something necessary for healthy living.

However, it's the care my family and I have received at Essentials of Life Chiropractic that has provided the proof to this claim. At ELC, we've been given all the tools necessary to live the healthiest life possible. In a nutshell, we sleep better, we have more energy, we experience fewer aches and pains, and we recover more rapidly when an injury occurs. Personally, I am affected by fewer headaches and on the rare occasion I do get one, it's much less severe. Our son excels in school because he is able to attend every day while many other children are at home ill. He is also able to maintain focus on the tasks he's been given, making his school say less stressful for him."

- Beki C.

Chiropractic Andover MN Cheryl L Testimonial

Name: Cheryl L.
Age: 31
City: Andover, MN

"Recently, I carried a breech baby to a full-term pregnancy. I saw Dr. Tony three times a week prior to the estimated due date.

He worked to keep my spine aligned, which he informed me is even more important during pregnancy because of physiological and hormonal changes that occur in the woman's body. Additionally, he worked to establish balance in my pelvis and reduce undue stress to the uterus and supporting ligaments. This balanced state in the pelvis was to provide optimal fetal positioning and hopefully have my baby flip from her breech position.

It was discovered around week 37 of the pregnancy that my anatomy may not have the space needed for the baby to flip, despite our best efforts. Because of this, I had to deliver by a cesarean. Although I did not want to deliver in such a manner, I found comfort in knowing that my central nervous system was performing at its highest ability and that my uterus did not have any additional stress because I saw Dr. Tony for my adjustment hours before being admitted for the surgery.

I wanted my child to have their spine checked as soon as possible, for birth is the very first trauma to the spine. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to give my child a subluxation-free very first day of life; Dr. Tony arrived at the hospital four hours after my daughter was born. No one probably noticed, but I had tears of joy as I watched him adjust my baby in the hospital room. There is nothing more important to me than my daughter's (and family's) health.

My daughter was in the best of care and continues to be today. We happily go visit her uncle, Dr. Tony, weekly. Besides keeping her spine aligned, he has worked to correct my daughter's hips, which had been stuck in the breech position for a very long time in utero! We really are blessed and honored to be in Dr. Tony's care."

- Cheryl L.

Chiropractic Andover MN Dean S Testimonial

Name: Dean S.
Age: 51
City: Oak Grove, MN

"Dr. Tony is awesome, but he doesn't cure anyone. He brings the body to the point where it needs to be in able to cure itself (no offense meant to the AMAZING Dr. Tony).

He not only helps people to reach their full physical potential, he TEACHES (as the original term Doctor really means), he shares his knowledge freely and lives what he knows to be true healthy living! Son of a gun, I sound like a commercial!"

- Dean S.

Chiropractic Andover MN Emma E Testimonial

Name: Emma E.
Age: 23
City: Coon Rapids, MN

"Since I've' met Dr. T I have noticed multiple things. Massages, hugs, and even back scratches used to give me excruciating pain when anyone put pressure on me, now they don't hurt at all!

My migraines have gone down from an average of 3-4 per week to maybe 2 a month! I can now sleep better and am more comfortable. I have noticed my mood has increased and I am not as irritable as I used to be. Being a hairstylist my wrists would be sore or stiff after a long shift and now there is no pain. I can actually look over my shoulder, whereas before I couldn't turn it well before. Not to mention I get to see Cami, like twice a week! High five Fridays are always a good reason to come in on my day off!! To top it off I overall just feel physically better! Thanks!"

- Emma E.

Chiropractic Andover MN Stephanie F Testimonial

Name: Jeremiah, Stephanie, and Dieter F.
Age: 26, 25, and 18months
City: Anoka, MN

"We didn't necessarily choose to come to ELC because any of us had huge underlying health issues but rather because of an understanding that with regular chiropractic we could enjoy a body that was functioning at a much higher level.

As a mom, I've benefited greatly from regular adjustments. I have more energy, do not get aches and pains from crawling and running around with Dieter, and rarely get sick. In fact, overall, our family rarely gets sick, and Dieter has never had an ear infection. Is this solely because of chiropractic care? I don't know, but I certainly wouldn't want to cease care to find out!"

- Stephanie F.

Chiropractic Andover MN Michelle H Testimonial

Name: Michelle H.
Age: 30
City: Andover, MN

"My husband and I decided to "try" chiropractic this past summer as a family. We did not start because of a specific issue but in hopes of making it through the winter healthier.

Our oldest son has had a dry cough since he was in kindergarten, now in fourth grade. A few weeks after visiting Dr. Tony his cough was gone! Other doctors wanted him to start an inhaler. My youngest son, age 2, hadn't started really talking before visiting Dr. Tony. Very soon after his adjustments began William started speaking in sentences. Our family in general has been healthy since we started chiropractic adjustments. The one time William showed signs of the beginnings of a cold I brought him in. The cold never developed. For our family chiropractic is a preventative health care program that REALLY WORKS!

One of the reasons we decided to "try chiropractic was to make It through the "flu season" without getting sick. In past years each member of our family had the full-blown flu, one after another. It is Feb. 26th and not one of us has had the flu since becoming a chiropractic member! THANK YOU!"

- Michelle H.

Chiropractic Andover MN Karla L Testimonial

Name: Karla L.
Age: 53
City: Blaine, MN

"After only a few weeks I noticed significantly more energy. I no longer was dragging at the end of my workday.

Instead, I was coming home ready for whatever the evening activities were for that night. Thanks, Dr. Tony!"

- Karla L.

Chiropractic Andover MN Landon W Testimonial

Name: Landon W.
Age: 5 months
City: Andover, MN

"When Landon was born he could not turn his head to the right. Medical doctors diagnosed him with torticollis; a condition in which the head is tipped to one side while the chin is turned to the other.

As the days went by Landon continued to not turn his head to the right causing a flat spot on the left side of his head from lying in the same position.

During these early days and weeks, Landon became fussy, very sensitive to touch showing signs of discomfort by arching his back. He had trouble sleeping for more than 1-2 hours at a time. He had constant acid reflux. Landon also developed ear infections. The medical doctors ordered a number of antibiotics to treat Landon's ear infections. The antibiotics didn't clear up the infections and seemed to increase his acid reflux. Consideration was being given to placing tubes in his ears, there also was suspect Landon was hard of hearing or even deaf. The doctor also referred Landon to a physical therapist for the limited rotation of his head. The therapist states they would not do therapy at this time but wait and see if he grows out of the condition.

In early September 2012, Landon's great grandparents strongly suggested Landon be taken to their chiropractor, Dr. Tony. On Sept. 10, Dr. Tony scanned Landon and began treatment. After just a few treatments Landon is a changed baby! He is turning his head in all directions. He is now a happy baby, much less fussy, and liked to be touched. The flat spot on his head is disappearing. He has no problem hearing! His acid reflux is no longer. Antibiotics were quickly discontinued and probiotics were added to his formula. Landon is now sleeping longer. Since Landon is being treated by Dr. Tony, family members; parents, grandparents and great grandparents have all observed and commented on the "great" improvement Landon has made!

Thank you, Dr. Tony, for what you have accomplished in treating Landon. You have been an answer to prayers!"

- Landon's Family

Chiropractic Andover MN Dana P Testimonial

Name: Maya and Dana P.
Age: 7 and 33
City: Isanti, MN

"We come to ELC because my daughter was complaining of neck and back pain. Within a few weeks, her pain was gone. I also noticed her mood has changed.

She was happier and more playful, especially at the end of the day. After seeing the positive changes in her, I decided to start seeing Dr. Tony myself. I could not be happier."

- Dana P.

Chiropractic Andover MN Shannon O Testimonial

Name: Shannon O.
Age: 23
City: Anoka, MN

"I started seeing Dr. Tony for weekly maintenance without having an injury or previous pain. It has helped me live a healthier, happier, and more positive lifestyle.

I've also been bringing my 4-month-old daughter since she was 2 weeks old for weekly adjustments and she loves it too!"

- Shannon O.

Chiropractic Andover MN Paul T Testimonial

Name: Paul and Dee T.
Age: 70's plus
City: Coon Rapids, MN

"In mid-March of 2012, we began seeing Dr. Tony for Chiropractic care. We are extremely pleased with his gentle, skillful method of adjusting our bodies as needed.

We find Dr. Tony very knowledgeable and caring about all aspects of health care. He stresses and models the importance of keeping the body adjusted, good nutrition, exercise, and rest. The workshops he offers to educate members in these areas are great!"

-Dee T.

"We both, over the years, have seen a number of chiropractors. Dr. Tony ranks among the best! He is very professional and personal in manner. His office area is warm and friendly. We are pleased that Dr. Tony is sensitive to the fact that Dee has a heart aneurysm that needs close monitoring of the nerves in that area of her body. He keeps her well adjusted. Also, Paul has a lower back area the medical specialist said surgery is the only alternative to his back pain. Dr. Tony is keeping his back well-adjusted and basically free of pain. We both highly recommend Dr. Tony for one's chiropractic care!"

- Paul T.

Name: Wyatt F.
Age: 6 Months
City: Coon Rapids, MN

"When we started at Essentials of Life Chiropractic Wyatt had very bad digestion problems. He could not go to the bathroom without having a really hard time. Since Tony has been adjusting him, he has gradually been getting better at going to the bathroom and his attitude has changed for the better. He is now going on a regular basis with no hesitation at all. Thank you for helping our baby boy. We plan on continuing his adjustments for a long time, you were wonderful!"

- Wyatt's Family

Name: Dan & Norma B.
Age: 70 & 72
City: Ramsey, MN

"We haven't gone to a chiropractor for about 2 years as we were not having positive results. We met with Dr. Tony through a "Fitness 19" expo. We both had our back scan done and, Yes, we really needed a tune-up!! Our 2nd scan after a few weeks were much improved. My neck feels much better, and I have no headaches. Dr. Tony has the magic touch! Dan has less back discomfort, and we both feel better generally all over. We appreciate Dr. Tony's gentle touch. Essentials of Life has a trusting & homey atmosphere. Thank you."

- Dan & Norma B.


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