Andover MN Chiropractor Explains New Year’s Resolutions

Andover MN Chiropractor Explains
New Year's Resolutions

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It's the beginning of a new year in Andover MN, and you know what that means… New Year's Resolutions! The most common resolutions are: Eat better, Lose weight, and Make more money. We start off the year with such great aspirations. Then what happens in mid-February?? We completely lose sight of our goals.

Here's the problem. Simply having a New Year's Resolution is too superficial. It is destined to fail unless you develop it. Here's how…

Developing Your New Years Resolutions in Andover MN

Step 1: Choose your Goals, and write them down! This is absolutely critical to achieving success. Studies show that people who write down their goals on paper are far more likely to achieve them. Do it right now. Seriously, stop what you're doing and think about that you really want to achieve this year. Now write it down!

Step 2: Develop an Action Plan. Brainstorm about all the possible action steps you need to do to achieve your goals. This step is crucial to turning your dream into a reality. If you can schedule it, you can make it happen! And finally, once you've written down your action steps, do at least one of them TODAY. That gets the momentum going.

Step 3: Explore your Beliefs. Most people have never done this before. In fact, the first time I did this was two years ago when I hired a coach. Ask yourself "why is this goal so important to me OR someone I love?" Again, write it down. Keep it easily accessible so that you can view it every single day. This keeps your momentum going.

Here's my personal example. My GOAL is to teach as many people as possible how the body works and how to achieve optimal health. My ACTION PLAN is to educate through many different venues: in-office workshops, the ELC Facebook page, email, community lectures, dinner talks, coffee chats, businesses, schools, churches, fitness studios, etc. Finally, my BELIEF is that so many people would live healthier, happier, longer, fuller lives if they only knew this information. It would be morally irresponsible of me to know this truth, which could potentially change lives, and not share it.

Now it's your turn. Write it down. Be accountable. Make it happen!


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