Andover MN Chiropractor Explains Learning True Happiness

Andover MN Chiropractor Explains
Learning True Happiness

Chiropractic Andover MN True Happiness

Ask 100 random people what they really want in life, and the most common answer you will hear is… to be happy. The next question should be: how do you plan to achieve happiness? This is a much more difficult one! What REALLY makes us in Andover MN happy??

Happiness in Andover MN

I had never personally given it much thought until a friend of mine suggested I watch the independent film called "Happy" from director Roko Belic (who also directed "Bruce Almighty", which I loved!). It made for a fantastic family movie night with my wife and son!

Did you know there is actually a field of research called POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY? These researchers dedicate their lives to studying the source of true happiness. According to positive psychologists, 50% of happiness comes from a "genetic set point", 10% comes from our circumstances (income, social status, health, where you live, age), and 40% comes from intentional activity.

Now, I have to respectfully question the genetic piece. We inherit more than just our genes from our parents. We inherit their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, and values. I also have to sincerely disagree with health being circumstantial. But the intentional activity piece, which is the basis of the entire film, was absolutely fascinating!

How to Learn Happiness

The movie explains how happiness is a SKILL that can be learned, just like riding a bike or playing the piano. And here is the list of INTENTIONAL ACTIVITIES necessary for learning true happiness: play, have new experiences, spend time with family and friends, do things that are meaningful, and appreciate what you have.

I want you look closely at that list and seriously consider incorporating those activities into your life. The interesting thing about happiness is…the more YOU have, the more you can SHARE with the world around you.


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