Andover MN Chiropractor Introduces ELC Wellness Warrior

Andover MN Chiropractor Introduces
ELC Wellness Warrior

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The Wellness Warrior is an ambassador of life, who chooses to live life to its fullest potential in Andover MN and help others do the same. At Essentials of Life Chiropractic, we teach the 3 principles to optimal health: Clear Nerves, Healthy Habits, and Positive Focus.

The ELC Wellness Warrior SHARES and APPLIES these principles…

APPLIED Knowledge in Andover MN is Power!

• Maintain a clear nervous system with regular chiropractic care
• Feed your body whole foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, whole grains)
• Hydrate your body with good, clean water
• Sleep 6-9 hours every night
• Challenge your body with exercise at least 4 times per week
• Eliminate toxins (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sugar, hydrogenated oils, etc.)
• Focus on the positive
• Set ambitious goals
• Question "conventional" wisdom

SHARED Knowledge is Power!

• Share what you know about health with family, friends, coworkers
• Share the ELC Thoughts, Midweek Emails, and Facebook posts
• Lead by living your own life as an example
• Help others establish healthier habits
• Boldly and compassionately speak up when you see others suffering
• Create accountability partnerships
• Join in efforts to make your community a better place to live (The Healthy Living Race and other similar events)
• Refer your loved ones to be checked for SUBLUXATION, an absolute barrier to fullness of life (grab a Referral Card!)

Are you doing these things? Show me picture proof and you could earn the official ELC Wellness Warrior status AND wristband!


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