Andover MN Chiropractor Explains What Happens As You Focus

Andover MN Chiropractor Explains
What Happens As You Focus

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Have you ever stopped to think about what you're thinking about? Sounds strange, doesn't it? What I'm talking about here is examining your thoughts. Why? Because your thoughts have a creative force. Your focus plays a HUGE role in determining your reality in Andover MN.

Your Mind is Powerful in Andover MN

Here's a silly example. Let's say I started to think about a Chipotle chicken burrito with black beans, mild salsa, corn, lettuce, and guacamole. If I focus on this tasty creation a few times each day, how long do you think it will be before I find myself walking into that restaurant?

Now let's apply this concept to your body and your health. Did you know that thoughts create emotions, and emotions affect body chemistry? It's a fascinating part of how the body works. Positive thoughts create positive emotions. Positive emotions create positive biochemistry, which allow your body to heal and function at its best. On the other hand, negative thoughts create negative emotions. Negative emotions create negative biochemistry, which makes it impossible for your body to heal and function properly.

Your Mind and Body

This is exactly why Positive Focus is one the three "Essentials" for living life to your fullest potential (along with Clear Nerves and Healthy Habits). This is also why Essentials of Life Chiropractic has such a positive and upbeat environment. We do everything we can to promote HEALING! Maybe it's not just your spine we want to adjust.

I want to end by giving you some homework. Tonight, before you go to bed, take ten minutes to examine your focus throughout this day. Think about your thoughts and your words in all your situations. Consider your conversations at work, home, and play. Mentally scroll through your emails and social media posts. Try to recall those witty commentaries you kept in your head throughout the day. After reviewing ALL your thoughts and words from your day, ask yourself: How many were positive? How many were negative? And how can you improve that ratio tomorrow?


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