Andover MN Chiropractor Says Milk is for Babies not Bones… The Truth about Calcium

Milk is for Babies not Bones…
The Truth about Calcium in Andover MN

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I would like to officially CRUSH the whole "milk is for healthy bones" myth in Andover MN by sharing a simple statistic with you. America consumes more dairy than any other nation on the planet. And yet, guess which country has the highest incidence of osteoporosis??… AMERICA!

Retaining Enough Calcium in Our Diets in Andover MN

America does not have a calcium intake problem. Heck, we even SUPPLEMENT our dairy-rich diets with calcium pills! What America has is a calcium RETENTION problem.

There are two sides of the calcium equation…the amount that goes into your body from diet and the amount that leaves your body in the urine. In order to keep our bones healthy and strong, we need to STOP PEEING OUT all our calcium! Here are three critical steps to keeping calcium in your bones rather than your urine:

1. Stop consuming acid-forming foods

The body's acid/base balance is vital to health and function. When the body is acidic, it will take extreme measures to neutralize it. This includes stealing calcium from your bones. Once that calcium neutralizes the acid, it is excreted in the urine. You literally flush your bones down the toilet! Here are acid-forming foods you must AVOID: cheese, milk, ice cream, alcohol, soda, peanuts, walnuts, flour (wheat and white), sugar, and excessive amounts of meat. Here are acid-reducing foods you should CONSUME: fruits, vegetables, almonds, quinoa, wild rice, and breast milk (if you're a baby!).

2. Do resistance training

Bones respond to this the same way muscles do. Resistance training provides the force necessary to stimulate bone growth. This can include free weights, machines, exercise bands, or plyometrics. The number one rule of resistance training is to always use GOOD FORM. If you're new to it, I would consult with a personal trainer.

3. Maintain structural alignment

If your bones and joints are misaligned, they will not be able to properly withstand forces applied to your body. This will cause excessive wear and tear on the bones. Ultimately this leads to osteoporosis as well as arthritis. REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE is absolutely essential to maintaining proper structural alignment in your body.


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