Andover MN Chiropractor Hears I Don’t Believe In That

Andover MN Chiropractor Hears I Don't Believe in that

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Have you ever mentioned chiropractic in Andover MN around someone, and they responded by saying "CHIROPRACTIC?!… Oh, I don't believe in that?" I hear this response almost weekly! Some will verbally say it. Others will say it with their body language-roll their eyes, shake their head, cross their arms, and even laugh. In fact, there are a good number of current Essentials of Life members who have told me they used to be "non-believers"! I love that.

Beliefs and Health In Andover MN

To be honest, I used to get really annoyed by this whole thing. But then I realized something very important. People's beliefs are based on their prior knowledge and experiences. Now when I meet one of these people, I ask them one simple question: What exactly do you think chiropractic is? Here are some responses…

  • They twist you up and crack your back.
  • They hook you to machines that shock your muscles.
  • They wave crystals and lasers over your body.
  • They rub your back.
  • They make you hang by your neck on a wall.
  • They are only useful for back pain and headaches.

The Truth About Chiropractic

Well, I'm a chiropractor and I don't BELIEVE in any of that either!! Chiropractic is one thing and one thing only-finding and fixing subluxations through specific adjustments.

Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) controls your entire body. The spinal cord and nerves run through your spine. When you have subluxations in your spine, your nervous system cannot control your body optimally. Chiropractic fixes your subluxations, which restores your body's ability to heal and function at its best.

A person doesn't have to believe in chiropractic for it to work. It's science! It's like gravity. If I said I don't believe in gravity, would that make it work any less on me?


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