Andover MN Chiropractor Says His Christmas Wish

Andover MN Chiropractor Says
His Christmas Wish

Chiropractic Andover MN Christmas Couple

Well, apparently I'm too big to sit on Santa's lap this year, so instead I am going to share my Christmas Wish in Andover MN with the entire ELC family…

A Christmas Wish For The Chronic Illness Sufferers in Andover MN

"Dear Santa, my Christmas Wish is to put an end to all the suffering associated with chronic illness in the world. I know that sounds big, so maybe we could just start with our little corner of the world this year. There are good people who struggle with all sorts of health problems. And it not only makes their life miserable, it also affects their family and friends as well. It just doesn't seem right that people are missing out on life simply because they don't know any better. Oh, and please let me know how I can help in the matter. Thank you. - Sincerely, Dr. Tony"

Is this really that much to ask?? Who wouldn't want to live in a world with less pain and suffering? I know there are A LOT of people out there secretly dealing with health problems. In fact, about 90% of people I meet on a regular basis are dealing with SOMETHING: allergies, asthma, digestive issues, sleeping problems, fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, ear infections, menstrual issues, weakness, dizziness, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

Spread The Christmas Cheer

Will you do me a favor this Christmas season? Will you please be someone's angel? Give them a reason to truly celebrate this year. Engage your family and friends in conversation when you see them this Christmas. Listen with love. Be careful not to preach at them (no one likes that!). Instead, offer them options. Share with them what you know.

If you are an ELC practice member, chances are you understand health and how the body works WAY more than the average person. No, that's not an invitation to brag! Rather, it is a responsibility to share. You've been to our orientation class; you've attended our wellness workshops; you've read the emails and ELC Thoughts; you've asked me questions; you've connected on Facebook. At this point, you are HIGHLY educated.

A lot of you have also attended the "Arm Yourself Against Cancer" Workshop. This is perhaps the most comprehensive lecture I have ever given. It literally has the capacity to save lives! And we're doing it again on Saturday, January 28 at 11:30. Invite your family and friends when you see them this Christmas season. Let's really bring some hope and healing to this world in 2012!


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